Now Hiring! Zero Pay!

Hey there M.L.P. fans. We'd like to reach out to our fan base of knowledgeable Freemasons to solicit
content for our show. Do you have a 5-minute talk on a topic? It could be a brief history of your lodge, a famous Mason, or maybe a Masonic Book Review? Well, if you can put your voice on a quality digital recording - we'd love to include it in one of our episodes.

Our vision is to include one or more during every show and eventually have a library of them available on our site.

No fancy production needed, just a .wav or mp3 of your presentation along with your name and lodge. We'll add in some intro music and work it into our show. Even the voice recorder program on your smartphone works great for this, you just might want to use an external microphone and/or sit somewhere really quiet to eliminate background noise.

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