Episode 041 - SGC AASR NMJ Ill. David A. Glattly 33 (whew)

Episode 41 is finally on the air after weeks of recording, rerecording, a spontaneous run-in with the Supreme Grand Commander and about 6 hours of Jason editing this down to (hopefully) a listenable episode. The SGC talks about The Path Forward and where he'd like to see us going as a craft.

Little back story. Larry and Pete did a spontaneous recording on their own which we'll call 40.5. Then Pete, Larry, Jason & Jack recorded an episode that was even more grumpy than our normal grumpy, to the point we didn't want to use it. We'll call that 40.75. Then magically.... we read The Northern Light where SGC Glattly discussed 'The Path Forward' and we were "O M G. HE GETS IT." That led to us doing another recording, this time at our Goose & Gridiron Breakfast. We'll call that 40.89. As we're thinking we finally have a show our friend Tom puts us in touch with the SGC in person and we interview him. W H E W. So... Jason was tasked with editing about 5 hours of junk into 1 episode.

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