Episode 046 - Symbologist Michelle Snyder

Tonight on Episode 046, join Pete, Jason, Jack, and guest host Justin (because Larry's out sick) while our minds explode with information overload from our special guest, Symbologist and author, Michelle Snyder. Our brains are still numb, so we stole her bio and copied it below.
"Michelle is a professor of mythology and symbolism, fairy tale author, blogger, and geek. She earned her post-graduate degree at the University of Wales, Lampeter and has been teaching art and visual language to students of all ages for 35 years. Her artwork, inspired by her love of symbolism, has appeared in galleries from Massachusetts to California. Michelle is co-owner of White Knight Studio with her husband Jay."
We had such a blast talking to Michelle that our show ran long, we're sorry. You can find more information about her, and where to purchase her publications, at the links below:
And other events mentioned tonight:
Lodge No. 43, and Jason's, March 3rd 2018 event:
Jack and Seth's AMD In-Gathering:

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