MLP Studio - Go Fund Me

Masonic Lite Podcast just finished up our 2nd year of Podcasting and are looking at a more permanent home than Pete's basement. If you're a fan please consider making a small (or huge) donation "for the good of the order". We can also provide some commercial airtime for donors if you have a business or project you want to promote.
Clicky Linky: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/mlp-recording-studio
Thank you.


Episode 050 - Bro. Ken Hudson

Join your regular hosts Pete, Larry, Jack, and Jason, along with our guest host Brother Kenneth F. Hudson Sr. Ken brings an interesting perspective to Freemasonry. Growing up in Philly and the church community, he had a negative outlook on Freemasonry, only after many years later to have his mind changed and joining at age 67. Join us as we goof around as usual but try to have a somewhat serious conversation about diversity in the craft. Bro. Moyer calls in a few times, and Bro. Seth enlightens us on another odd body with Corpora Obscurum.


Episode 049 - Right Where We Ought To Be

The crew discuss the state of the craft and argue that we're right where we ought to be. Plus Seth, shenanigans, and random silliness. 

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