MLP Studio 665 GoFund Me

This isn't our studio but we hope to add this level of mess and destruction to Studio 665 as soon as we can afford the materials. 
Hey MLP listeners. We're officially invited to set up a permanent studio in the basement of Ephrata Lodge No. 665 in Ephrata PA. Currently we have the space and our existing recording equipment but we're need to frame out a room, build a door, run electrical, drywall, paint, decorate, furnish, yada yada yada and could really use your help. If you love or even tolerate our show please consider making a small donation to the cause.   Go Fund Me link below.



Episode 052 - First Responder Brother Stephen Henry

Bro. Stephen opens our eyes a bit to the life of a career EMS worker, having to deal with traumatic situations on a regular basis, dealing with it through humor and brotherhood. If the editing sounds choppy poor Jason did his best to edit out our naughty words as our conversation was really free and genuine.


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