Exciting Things Afoot At MLP

Wow - what a busy Summer. The new studio while not fully decorated or upgraded is built and functional. Huge thank you to Jack Harley, George J. Grove & Son, Ronald Carson, Ken Hudson, Scott Helm, Dave Augustine, the members of Lodge 665, and everyone else who donated time, money, labor or materials to the project.

We recently had a visit from Wor. Bro. Nicholas Laine from Castle Island Virtual Lodge in Manitoba Canada. Yes, he actually visited in person. Besides giving us a great interview he turned the microphone on us for a bit, asking questions to later appear on the Brought To Light podcast.

Lodge 49 on AMC
This coming Monday we're scheduled to interview Peter Ocko (showrunner) and Jim Gavin (creator/writer) of the new series Lodge 49 on AMC television. The show focuses on a kind souled loser named Dud who finds himself pursuing membership in the local Lynx Lodge. While the show isn't based on Freemasonry in particular, it definitely hits close to home on many levels.

We'll be having new segments on the show from folks like Symbologist Michelle Snyder, The PhoenixMasonry Museum, Music Educator J.P, and more. Stay tuned - more happenings afoot.

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