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Episode 088 - 2019 Holiday Show

Hello! On this episode we traveled to "The" Valley of Reading for their Holiday Happening event and to record our annual Holiday Show. We had a great time with great guests and somehow managed to not get kicked out. Bro. Jim Stephens provides another Lodge Business Brief, followed by the wrap up, and then chickens. Enjoy!

[00:00:00] Introductions. [00:12:25] First break, brought to you by George J. Grove & Son [00:13:35] Jack brings us back with Harry Hackman and Bob Long [00:21:55] Larry tries to introduce Jingles the Clown [00:30:55] The Grand Smoke - Ed Stumm [00:35:45] Second break, brought to you by the Historic Smithton Inn. [00:37:00] Scott Helm [00:44:05] Emily Mooney - Worthy Advisor Reading Assembly #33 [00:51:40] Seth Anthony {01:00:00] Santa! [01:06:00] Lodge Business Brief with Bro. Jim Stephens [01:09:00] Wrap Up [00:52:10] Chickens [00:54:00] Outro.

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George J. Grove and Son: www.georgejgrove.com

Historic Smithton Inn: www.historicsmithtoninn.com

D&S CIGARS www.dnscigar.com

The Red Serpent: By Larry Merris: www.amazon.com/Red-Serpent-Larry…ris/dp/1466478608

Masonic Scarves: By Pete Ruggieri www.masonicscarves.com/

Intermezzo by Stephanie, Locally Handcrafted Chocolate www.facebook.com/IntermezzobyStephanie/

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Mr Jingles Segment music "jingle circus" by Jay_You freesound.org/people/Jay_You/sounds/460425/

Intermission Sleigh bells "Sleigh bells 90 bpm loop.wav" by: soundstack freesound.org/people/soundstack/sounds/255104/

Bye Everybody!