Episode 113 - Bro. Mark Stavish - Author

Hello! On this episode, we have a conversation with author Mark Stavish. Bro. Mark is the author of thirty (and counting) books on esoteric subjects, including Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols & History of the Secret Society. Mark also serves as Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies. After a fantastic conversation, we hear from Symbologist Michelle Snyder, the Masonic Lite News, and wrap in the standard form, with the support of Gizzard Trimmins and the Factory Farm Band. [00:00:00] Introductions [00:15:15] First break, brought to you by George J. Grove and Son [00:16:25] Tim brings us back and thanks our Patrons [00:38:15] Second break, brought to you by Hiram & Solomon Cigars [00:40:00] Jack brings us back with Mark Stavish [00:52:55] Third break, brought to you by The Historic Smithton Inn [00:54:15] Unlocking Symbols with Symbologist Michelle Snyder [00:58:10] Masonic Lite News & the wrap up [01:04:45] Chickens [01:06:30] Outro MASONIC LITE PATREON Sign up to support the show with an automatic, monthly donation of $1, $5, or $13! SPONSORS: George J. Grove and Son: Historic Smithton Inn: D&S CIGARS The Red Serpent: By Larry Merris:…ris/dp/1466478608 Masonic Scarves: By Pete Ruggieri Intermezzo by Stephanie, Locally Handcrafted Chocolate MEDIA ATTRIBUTION: Unlocking Symbols segment music: “Freezing but warm” by Meydän Bye Everybody!


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