Knights Quarantine - Coming Wednesday

Hey listeners. Just a reminder that this coming Wednesday at 7PM Eastern the Masonic Lite team will be performing their own NOT-A-DEGREE "Digital Order of Knights Quarantine" LIVE on Zoom. Starring our regular cast plus Jeff Moyer, Seth Anthony, Tyler Moyer, Tyler Barto, and some opera tenor from New York. We can't mention his name or his agent will demand that we pay him.

You can visit to purchase your ticket. The degree is a $30 donation and all proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels. You will also get a shiny jewel to suitable to wear in your living room.

If you order we'll be sending out your viewing link the DAY OF THE EVENT as well as an email to collect your mailing information for the jewel. Sure, we probably could have automated all of that but we were so excited in the beginning we didn't think everything through. Typical MLP stuff.


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