Knights Quarantine - Jewels, Shipping, and FAQs

Good morning and happy June 1st. Sorry for the long post but I'm receiving 10-15 messages per day and wanted to update everyone as best as I can. When we conceived this "degree" we thought maybe 50 people would want jewels. Now 400 customers and 10 Countries later we're overwhelmed (Literally and figuratively).

Those that donated got to see it live and would receive a green jewel (designed by john bridegroom of and a printed patent from artist We have addresses for 95% of you. There's a few that still haven't gotten me their mailing addresses and I'll be reaching out today to make a last attempt to get it.

Lots of folks ordered the "black jewel" from my website. And some of you did both.

Last week sent me two shipments of jewels. They sent 50 too many green ones and 50 too few black ones. I printed up 400ish address labels for those addresses I had which triggered an email from , our mailing software. That triggered an email saying they were shipped but - they weren't yet. I spent the past week stuffing envelopes. Yesterday I closed a bunch of orders in the sales system which triggered another email. I'm happy to say that at 0800 this morning I dropped off 350 packages to the US Post Office for shipping. If you have a tracking number you might start seeing movement on those today. As I mentioned we were temporarily shorted some black jewels, and the manufacturer is rushing those ASAP. A few folks' (50) envelopes are sitting here waiting on those jewels. If you are one of those folks we apologize, and we're going to stuff some extra goodies in the bags for you as an apology.

We are not going to perform it again. However here’s the video of our zoom and you may watch, share, etc all you want

The original jewel (green ribbon, emoji with surgical mask) was a limited edition for those who signed up and watched us perform the degree. However, our jeweler sent 50 too many green jewels and 50 too few black jewels. There is a waiting list here if you wanted to order the green jewels: once we fulfill all paid orders we’ll email folks on this list and request payment.

Ryan Flynn designed and donated a patent to go along with it. the pic was printed on parchment. You may print your own, but the pdf is “clean”, if you want a cool distressed look print it on cool paper like we did. We just ask you to make a suggested donation of $5 to meals on wheel or other charity. (Honor system)

The black jewel is available to purchase. just please not estimated delivery times in the item description. We’ve sold way more than expected and our first delivery from the jeweler was short 50 pieces, so we’re fulfilling oldest orders first as the jewels come in.

I hope that answered some questions and thank you for your patience and patronage. We raised $4000 for meals on wheels and a similar amount for the podcast. Now we're just trying to figure out how much to set aside for the IRS as the revenue all came in under Pete's SSN and only the Meals on Wheels portion is tax deductable. So, if we ever have a future success we'll probably run it through a lodge :P

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