Knights Quarantine Successes, failures, and answers to FAQ

Last evening the Masonic Lite team attemped (and succeeded) to put on a LIVE "not-a-degree" for entertainment and to raise money for Meals on Wheels to help feed Americans who are housebound during this crisis. As Masons we routinely say "we make good men better" and part of that includes having folks step out of their comfort zone to tackle roles, responsibilities, etc that we're not experts at. Well, last night a lot of us stepped out of our comfort zones and came together.

Thank you to all of the creative folks and the donors for participating. Hopefully this email will answer any questions you may have.

We had over 200 participants including cast. We are estimating a donation to Meals on Wheels of around $4000 +/- after we pay for jewels, shipping, etc.

  • Refund Requests: We sent out some bad links and some folks missed the online degree. We are very sorry and understand if you'd like a refund. If so you just need to log into with the email address that you used. Here's a helpful link: You'll need to do this within the next 36 hours however because at that point Eventbrite will be cutting the check.

  • Video Replay of Event: For everyone that paid for the Not-A-Degree we will be sending you a link that you can view the fiasco at your leisure. Tim recorded the whole thing, but he's retired and non-essential so he might not wake up until the afternoon. :) We'll send it when we get it.

  • Jewels: If you paid for the degree and did not give us your address information yet visit this link or email your name (as on eventbrite) and mailing address to . Jewels will be ordered today and will be shipped in 4-6 weeks.

  • Alternate Jewels:

If you didn't pay for the degree and would still like to commemorate this bizarre time of being quarantined while still sharing Masonic Light we can help you. We worked with John from The Master's Craft and have ordered a limited edition of (50) Alternate jewels. Link can be found here: They look a little more sinister. Note: These are NOT for a 501c3 charity; proceeds from these will go to Masonic Lite Podcast to purchase new microphones. No, they can't be swapped with the other jewels, we got a higher price because it's not for charity and due to the smaller order.

  • Other Questions: Jack is working on a copy of the script for folks that want it. When it is complete we'll put it up on the website and you'll get a notice for it. We'll include some behind the scene stuff like artwork, cast bios, etc.

  • Masonic Lite Podcast: So if you're not a listener, become one. Visit or search for us with your podcast provider (Apple, Google, Stitcher, Soundcloud, etc.) You can become a super fan by becoming a Patreon at

Thank you all again.

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