Masonic Lite - Cavemen with Keyboards and Mics

Exciting things are afoot here at mission control. In the past few weeks we've been working hard to improve Masonic Lite Podcast. Novel ideas such as prepping for the show, writing content and testing equipment before turning the microphones on. Now we're taking the next step in podcast exploration and attempting to launch a real website. This website will have a blog (this thing) and all of the hosts have writing access. So you could see something humorous from Jack, something helpful from Tim, probably silence from Josh, and ..well... Larry's the WILDCARD. But, he's tenured so he gets carte blanche.

We also added a member area where folks can chat and interact. Sure, we can't compete with Zuckerberg's little social experiment, that "Book of Faces" but I think we could have some fun. Anywho... Thanks for listening and reading.



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