MLP Updates

Good morning everyone. I wanted to give some updates on episodes and activities around here.

Episode 102 should be released sometime later today. The guests are Masonic clothiers/vendors, Carl Hern and Nathan Tweedie. We find out a little about their businesses and the path they’ve traveled.

Episode 103 will be archivist and former guest Heather Calloway

Episode 104 will be the Knights of the Zoroasters release. This is our new “fake degree” animation. It’s a hot mess and priced accordingly (free), but it’s fun. If you visit and click the “SHOP NOW” button you’ll find lapel pins as well as more Quarantine jewels.

I’m done the cartooning for that venture so I’ve been brainstorming tshirts for different causes, two legitimate and the rest for me, me, me. If you’re feeling generous the Doberman rescue and Tall Cedars would appreciate the purchase. The others are for my personal greed so govern yourselves accordingly. Thank you - Pete

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